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Donnie Darko Returns but Remains Out of Time

Having now reached the age of its wayward protagonist, Donnie Darko is once again being tasked with forestalling the end of the world. Richard Kelly's sleeper first opened almost two years after screening at Sundance, and a month after 9/11, becoming an early example of a trend that scarcely exists......
Zach Gilford in Devil's Due.

Le parc, One of This Winter's Best New Movies, Premieres on MUBI

Like just about everyone else, MUBI has gotten into the distribution business — in a way. The streaming service, a favorite among cinephiles, has been offering a curated selection of arthouse titles for years: 30 movies at a time, each available for 30 days. Its new Discoveries platform, which seeks......
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Patriots Day Finds Mark Wahlberg Caught Between Fiction and Real Disaster

For better and for worse, Peter Berg has found his genre. After oscillating between sports (Friday Night Lights), superheroes (Hancock) and even board games (Battleship) without much distinction, the writer, director, producer and actor has made a loose trilogy in which Mark Wahlberg reenacts recent tales of American heroism. Lone......
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Martin Scorsese's Priests Persevere in the Searching Silence

Martin Scorsese opens his foreword to the latest edition of Shusaku Endo's Silence with a simple, impossible question: "How do you tell the story of Christian faith?" The director isn't presumptuous enough to present his adaptation of that beloved novel as a definitive answer, but his film does read as......
Surveying his kingdom.; Credit: Francois Duhamel

Playing by Old Rules, Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes Drama Stumbles

When last we saw Howard Hughes onscreen, Leonardo DiCaprio was repeating "the way of the future" ad infinitum as he gazed into the mirror. Warren Beatty's long-in-the-making Rules Don't Apply isn't nearly as concerned with the future as Martin Scorsese's The Aviator was, looking instead to the past and all......
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