The infamous, bloody-nosed Andrew WK will be performing at the Check Yo Ponytail 2 party tonight at the Echoplex. We talked (and talked, and talked) with the self-help guru, motivational speaker, and metal-punk-dance-rocker recently. Here's our helpful, bite-size guide inside the mind behind the man:

10. I've thought a lot about food, usually cause I'm hungry and I just like food. Let's say you're gonna make a pizza. You're essentially destroying tomatoes to make the sauce and perhaps onion and garlic and spices. Then of course the bread is destroyed wheat for the crust, and you've got a cow whose life in some ways you've destroyed just to make milk and then you're destroying that milk or transmuting it to make cheese, and if there's any meat on the pizza you're certainly destroying an animal's life in that way. I love meat. Then you destroy the pizza when you eat it! It happens all over again. The pizza builds up you and it gives you nourishment. You destroy whatever's left in the form of human waste. The human waste has fertilizer qualities that build up a new plant which you can then destroy and make a new pizza all over again!

9. As much as we understand and can explain about the world, there are things that we can't even conceive of not understanding. We can't even begin to conceive of the levels of confusion going on. It's like a kitty cat -the electrical wiring, for example, how could a cat even begin to understand what's going on with that?

8. I worked at a really cutting edge fashion studio when I first moved to New York City called Comme des Garcons. I think most people would never think I had any fashion sense or experience with it. Sometimes I have offended people showing up dressed in the white jeans and shirt, especially when they're a little dirty.

7. In my show, we blow stuff up. Not shit. I blow shit into the toilet during the show, depending upon how much I've had to eat or whatever. It's usually that we blow up trucks or boats or busses or cars- all kinds of different vehicles and then we make new vehicles out of the wreckage.

6. Nature is hell! There's a reason we built homes – because we can't survive out there! Wild beasts have no relation to how we perceive reality beyond survival. To try to humanize them, to try to put a humanoid presence on their body- like “Oh look, it's licking its hand.” It's not its hand! It's a paw! I love animals – but I would rather my kids survive than any animals. I'd rather all animals be wiped off the earth entirely and still have my family and my friends' families and all the other humans here than the opposite of that.

5. Joy is when you feel good all over, when you're laughing so hard that you're crying, when you get butterflies in your stomach because the song that you love is playing really loud. Seeing my piano teachers play, that was probably the first time I remember being so swept with joy- it's being moved. It's this huge wave, it almost made me throw up it's so intense.

4. The computer is us realizing our destiny as animals. We're going beyond the animals we were – it's now the next step. I don't think humans are the same as other animals anymore. We have to use our advantages and those skills we have to help all other species- namely us first. I'm a big believer that humanity is more important than other life forms.

3. There's probably people who have their heart completely in the right place trying to manage civilization, which I don't think is a bad thing. That's why I'm able to have some level of sympathy with people I really disagree with – a lot of times they think there way is the best for our own survival. But who's to say that even our own survival is the best thing for us?

2. Comparing animals and humans is a very dangerous and very strange way to think. I've been vegan before, and this is nothing to do with animal cruelty. It's an ethical question. I don't think it's ethical to think of non-humans as equal to humans. I think it's a very basic survival instinct. What animal would ever kill its own young to save some other animal that doesn't relate to it at all?

1. Signs of these bloody, bloody fetuses- some people try very hard to be as inflammatory as possible. It's like showing someone a pear on a tree and then a pear cut up on your plate. Not to compare a baby and a pear but you don't think that I know that when you kill a baby, you kill a baby? What are they trying to prove? I could stab someone in the stomach and there would be a bunch of blood too.

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