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Sex on Camera

Ashley Huizenga is a fiercely intellectual singer and performance artist, who has a hard time keeping her clothes on. Tonight, at a Valentine's Day show at Cheetahs strip club in Hollywood, she saunters onstage in a thong and a red bra, draped in a piece of white, translucent fabric, which......
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Ashley Huizenga on Sex, Starvation, and Art

See also: Ashley Huizenga is an academic-minded singer and performance artist. She wants to get you off Our music feature this week focuses on Ashley Huizenga, an L.A. musician and performance artist known for her academic-minded -- and also quite filthy -- shows under the guise of her alter ego......
Credit: Jonathan Silberman

Emily Lacy Raises Political Awareness — and Bail Money

When Occupy L.A. was raided by police in late November, Emily Lacy saw lots of her friends arrested. To raise money for their bail, the 32-year-old Alhambra folk musician performed a show at Machine Project gallery in Echo Park. It was all part of what she called her "Occupy Music"......

5 Craziest Craigslist Job Offers in L.A.

Everybody's looking for work right now and, according to L.A.'s Craigslist, there's a lot of work to be done. Perusing job hunters will find the usual "party girl" openings ($250/hour, "must be liberal but race is open"), surrogacy ads offering up to 35 grand for allowing a strange couple to......
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John Maus at the Echoplex, July 15, 2011

We've passed the first climax in the genealogy of post-modern pop karaoke performance, but John Maus' powerhouse sing-a-longs with himself makes us think we're in for multiple musical orgasms......
photo by Adi Parvulescu; Credit: grayl growls

reliq, SYMBOLCLUB and More: Berlin Goths Keep It Up All Night

Our writer Drew Denny traveled from L.A. to Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Denmark meeting artists and musicians for her "Overseas Underground" series. Her next stop was a goth club in Berlin, where she met the band reliq. Despite their myriad references to horror and all the pain they channel, reliq's......
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