A Glittering Disco Ball of Sound, Robert Cristian Jordan Goes for Respect and Glamour on “PRIDE (Spread the Love)”

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Robert Cristian Jordan is a gifted singer/songwriter from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. He is well-known for his appealing melodies and ability to tell stories through his music, which often revolves around perseverance in the face of adversity. Jordan’s personal experiences have inspired his passion for mental health advocacy, and he continues to use his platform as a musician to spread awareness about this critical issue.

As a single father, Jordan adopted four boys from the foster care system, setting a heartwarming example of love and compassion. Having been adopted, Jordan understands the importance of having a loving and supportive family and is committed to providing the same for his children. He draws inspiration from his family and their experiences, using his music as a medium to share their stories with the world.

Growing up in a rural area of Texas, Jordan’s parents instilled a deep appreciation for unique experiences and opportunities in him. He was exposed to musicals and Broadway theater at a young age, which ignited his passion for music. This passion and his love for movies have helped him develop his signature style of “Cinematic Pop.” Jordan’s music is not just about sound – his lyrics paint vivid pictures, prompting listeners to visualize the stories he tells. He often describes seeing images and movies play in his mind as he composes his music, creating a unique and cinematic experience for his listeners.

A true artist at heart, his music reflects his desire to share his experiences with the world. He is committed to using his platform to promote mental health awareness, and his songs have touched the hearts of many. With his undeniable talent and passion for music, Jordan continues to be a shining example of the power of art to connect people and inspire positive change.

He embodies the true essence of self-love and acceptance. It encourages individuals to embrace their unique qualities and rise above the bigotry and hatred in the world, spreading kindness and positivity in the process. The lyrics inspire listeners to stand tall in the face of adversity and take pride in themselves, regardless of what others say or do.

In his uplifting track “PRIDE (Spread the Love),” Robert Cristian Jordan beautifully delivers a message of unity and happiness. The sense of community radiates throughout the song, urging us to move beyond persecution and retribution toward a better world. The cyclical structure of the piece only amplifies its impact, growing larger and more powerful with each repetition. The spectacular production fills the air with sparkling atmospheres and vibrant colors. By blending disco, dance, pop, and electro elements, Jordan creates a captivating and infectious sound that will leave you dancing. But his spirit, at the very core of the song, truly makes it shine. “PRIDE (Spread the Love)” is a true heart-pounding anthem that inspires and uplifts you.

The theme immediately becomes clear in this captivating track. The mesmerizing rhythms accelerate through various genres, inviting listeners to exhilarating journeys. The artist effortlessly embraces the pulsating beat, creating a flawless musical experience. Through the song’s lyrics, he reflects on humanity’s progress while emphasizing the importance of spreading love. Robert wants his listeners to understand that the struggle now lies in standing up for oneself, one’s community, and people. The concept of unity and overcoming intolerance is truly remarkable in this song. Using powerful voices to combat condemnation, Robert magnifies the message, making the song feel strong, confident, and empowering.

A mantra for this moment in time, the love of “PRIDE (Spread the Love),” reveals Robert Cristian Jordan as a skilled storyteller, speaking of the past and pointing towards a brighter future.

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 Spread the love. Crush the hate. 

Spread the love! Crush the hate!


This song goes out to all the nations 

Love is love & cause for celebration 

Now’s the time for your emancipation

Welcome to the world’s transfiguration!


Spread the love to crush the hate within them

Rise above don’t feed into their mayhem

Now’s the time if you feel condemnation. 

Raise your voice! Stand! Take your ovation!

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