Zester Daily, a new Los Angeles food and wine website, launched last week. The site is owned and managed by former Los Angeles Times staffer Corie Brown, who was most recently the wine writer for the paper's food section. Brown also contributes to the site, along with a group of writers, including other former LA Times staff writers and freelancers. Zester Daily covers food and beverage news (Syrah's Identity Crisis, Ode to a Greek Diner), restaurants, farming, cooking, politics and environmental issues.

“We live in Los Angeles, so many of our 25 charter contributors are based here. But the goal is to create a national and, ultimately, an international network of contributors writing about all aspects of food and wine from every corner of the world,” emailed Brown today.

(Full disclosure: Brown was a colleage of mine when we were both on staff at the LA Times food section; among Zester Daily's listed contributers are writers who have also contributed to this blog.)

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