There is a definite generation gap between those for whom cable TV was the sole source of their introduction to spooky movies, and those who grew up in the days of local, independent TV, where the iconography of the late-night horror-show host is a cultural touchstone that will be lost on our kids. This week, Cinefamily screens American Scary , John E. Hudgens' documentary tribute to the creepy characters who gave many of us our first taste of gore. Here in L.A., either you grew up with the FCC-taunting curves of Elvira, or you were part of the earlier generation, whose members wished Vampira would have won that lawsuit. As Hudgens' film promises to demonstrate, the array of ghoulish emcees that graced our screens across the nation is as colorful as it is indelible. (Look for the late, great announcer Ernie Anderson, father of P.T., as Cleveland's own Ghoulardi.)

Tue., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly