The day of Wombleton Records' opening gala, people literally had their faces pressed up against the glass panes of the storefront, hungrily staring at employees as they put the prices on the last few stacks of records, waiting until the doors were unlocked. And it was worth the wait. Wombleton contains a vast collection of rare originals and re-issues, fastidiously organized and fairly priced. Co-proprietor Ian Marshall was kind enough to tell us about the top ten sellers this month from our cousins across the pond, and elaborate on which was his favorite.

Rudy Grant – “Space Oddity” (1981)

John Leyton – “Johnny Remember Me” (1961)

Pale Fountains – “There's Always (Something on My Mind)” (1982)

Fox – “S-s-s-Single Bed” (1976)

Warlord – “The Ultimate Warlord” (1979)

Dolly Mixture – “Baby It's You” / “New Look Baby” (1980)

Peter Skellern – “Hold On To Love” (1975)

Antena – “Boy from Ipanema” (1982)

Moskow – “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” (1978)

Swell Maps – “Let's Build a Car” (1979)

And after the jump–Ian Marshall's personal pick for must-find import!

“It's probably 'Hold on to Love' by Peter Skellern, because he's an interesting, dapper English fellow with a smooth and moody feel to his voice. Also, I've got a thing for '50s nostalgia done in the 1970s and there's a sort of doo-wop backing vocal grafted onto this mellow soft rock sound–that sort of thing gets me every time. It's hot tub music; it just bubbles along nicely and it puts me right there.”

LA Weekly