It's summer. So yeah, call us beach party poopers, but the very name association of flip-flops and wine makes us nervous. We're having visions of FlipFlop Wine advertising campaigns featuring Chardonnay bottles half-buried in the sand and sporting the latest in wine koozie fashion, which, by the way, is apparently called a Woozie. The things you learn during the summer.

But with this new wine label, there is charity involved, so we gave those four summer-ready whites a second sip (Washington Riesling and California Pinot Grigio, Moscato and Chardonnay; the label also offers a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir).

For every bottle purchased, a pair of — surprise! — flip-flops is donated via Sole4Souls. Enter obvious Toms highly successful global awareness business plan similarities here (Note: Unlike Toms, there is a 100,000 bottle/flip-flop limit on first year sales. A drinking cap, in essence). The less obvious name connection: Vintner David Georges supposedly often sports flip-flops among the vines.

The retail price on all of the wines is $7 — good for the wallet but sometimes not as great on the palette. But among the whites, we thought the Pinot Grigio was a particularly good value. And yeah, we know what you're thinking. No, this isn't a revolutionary Pinot Grigio (it's $7 after all). But for the price, it's a suitable weekend picnic wine — think summer melon and apricots with a dry (enough) finish. Or better yet, toss it into a white sangria (this peach version would be pretty great with Pinot Grigio rather than rosé). You might even want to pull out the rhinestone-covered flip-flops for that.

Flip-Flop Wines, all $7, are available online and at several major grocery stores in L.A. (Ralph's, Vons, Henry's Market).

LA Weekly