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The dining room at E.P.  Credit: Anne Fishbein

10 Best Late-Night Eats in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a reputation as a fairly early-to-bed city. This is largely due to the travesty of our liquor laws, which require bars to be completely cleared of patrons by 2 a.m. Many people people that restaurants shut down early, too. But if you know where to look, there......
Art of French Pastry; Credit: Knopf

L.A.'s Best Local Cookbooks of 2013

The best cookbooks of 2013? Make that the best cookbooks by Los Angeles-area authors. And no, we don't mean those with television deals. In years past, two, maybe three, notable titles typically made our local "best of" cut. But this year, an impressive number of thoughtful recipe testing notes have......
Saving the Season; Credit: Alfred A. Knopf

Kevin West's Saving the Season + A Canadian-Style Ketchup Recipe

Knee deep in the canning and preserving cookbook trend, do most of us really need Saving the Season: A Cook's Guide to Home Canning, Pickling, and Preserving by local author Kevin West? Maybe not, if you're far enough along in your online recipe search career to already have favorite apple......
Cannabis Cupcakes; Credit: Ten Speed Press

The Latest Cupcake Trend? Cannabis Cupcakes

With so much talk of late about cupcakes and legalizing marijuana, we should have known a Cannabis Cupcakes cookbook wasn't too far behind. "What better way to take advantage of both trends than with a cookbook that satisfies these guilty pleasures?," the cookbook's press release asks. Well, the publisher has......
Bake It Like You Mean It; Credit: Abrams Books

Best New Baking Book: Bake It Like You Mean It

Really, April is the ideal time to Bake it Like You Mean it, as we could probably all use a little post-Spring Break malakofftorte à la raymo (chocolate ladyfinger cake, here filled with Kahlua cream) kitchen therapy. This is the third in a recent series of pastry books from Gesine......
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