Whether it’s a Hollywood fantasy that roused your curiosity or a real-life colleague shared some of his own intriguing exploits with you, office sex is a temptation for many at one point or another. According to a Business Insider survey, 85% of those who were surveyed have thought of having sex with a colleague before — and 4% even switched jobs because of the sexual tension they had with someone at work.

Office Sex 101: Should You or Should You Not?

Many have contemplated doing it and a good many of those turned the dream into a reality (as 54% of those who were polled actually had office sex with a colleague. Unfortunately, a little office fling can lead to major consequences your career (and primary relationship) may not survive. Consider the following scenarios. 

The consequences of office sex with the boss

The majority find power to be an attractive attribute that a person can possess. To some, money is sexy to have as well. That’s why many fantasize about office sex with their boss. In fact, according to a survey by Zety, 28% of Americans have slept with their boss before. However, whether you’ve already slept with your boss or you’re planning to, office sex with a boss is generally advised against.

For one thing, office sex against the rules in the employee handbook at many companies, and also highly unethical. But even if you manage to keep things on the down-low and under the corporate radar… if or when things end between you and the boss, you can’t guarantee that you’ll only lose your relationship with them — your job could also be in jeopardy.

The dangers of office sex with a subordinate

If power and money are typically what makes an employer attractive, an attractive employee can also get a boss’ attention. But, of course, some employers just find one of their employees physically attractive. But approaching an employee or subordinate because you find them attractive is almost never okay.

Even if your subordinate gives in to your wishes that they engage in office sex with you, you can’t guarantee that they did it out of mutual attraction — or they just fear the consequences if they don’t say no to you. This can potentially damage your reputation should your employee file for a sexual harassment case in the future.

If you own the business, ultimately, you are still the “heart” of the enterprise. Therefore, if your reputation is tarnished, the company can very likely go down with you. This will make it difficult for you to build yourself up again as a person and as a businessman or woman.

The pitfalls of office sex with a peer

Office sex and romance are common. According to Vault.com, 58% of the people polled have had sex with a coworker before. This may seem harmless, but most companies have policies regarding office romance — and most companies prohibit this. Therefore, if you’re not aware of these office policies, you and your co-worker can potentially lose your jobs, should the higher-ups find out about this.

It’s also best to not engage in office sex or romance with a coworker, ever — break ups with your colleague can lead the other employees to take sides. And a department can only work productively if there’s unity.

Additionally, just like with office sex with a boss, you can’t guarantee that your colleague hooking up with you was (or will be) done because they were mutually attracted to you — or they were just left with no choice but to say yes to you.

You and your co-worker may also make the rest of the workforce uncomfortable with your office sex and romance. If this is the case, they might take it to the HR and complain about it. If that happens, it can be categorized as a “hostile workplace environment” — which can put you and your colleague at risk of losing your jobs.

Even solo sex is treacherous at work

Fantasizing about sex is normal. However, when it gets in the way of your job, and you get too distracted by your sexual fantasies, it can threaten your position at work. Because it practically goes without saying that one should be focusing at work especially when they’re in the office.

Some people also watch porn at work. In a Proven Men Ministries survey, 63% of their male participants admitted to watching porn at work. Though it’s not illegal to watch porn while working, most companies prohibit this and you’ll most likely get fired if you’re caught watching porn at work — as it’s an inappropriate way to use the company’s internet, and you’re wasting time that they’re paying you for.

Inviting a partner (even if they don’t work in the same company as you) to have quick office sex is also highly inappropriate. There’s a time and place for getting intimate with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend — and the office isn’t one of them. You’re better off asking them on a date or waiting until you’re both home before you engage in intimate acts with them.


There’s almost no benefit to having office sex — be it with a boss, subordinate, colleague, or even someone outside of work (during work hours). It can be distracting, uncomfortable to others, and sometimes, inappropriate to the ones you plan on having office sex with. You can potentially get reported to HR, get fired, or even lose your entire business if you get caught.

If you find that you’re too busy finding romance outside of work, there are dating apps that can make it easier for you to get intimate with someone (physically and romantically). If you already have a partner, have them wait until you’ve finished work before you get risqué with them.

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