You love blind items, so here's a little blind item for your guessing pleasure:

One of our tipsters has pointed us towards this release doing the press runs:

You are graciously invited to the closing cocktail reception of


We are proud to host musical guests HIGHONS and Griffin Alan Rodriguez

for the evening.

HIGHONS is a secret musical project of 3 leading Los Angeles musicians

who have cultivated a vast international following over the last 15

years through their beautiful avant-garde music.

This artsy event will be held at the Carmichael Gallery in Culver City–but who are these “3 leading LA musicians” versed in “beautiful avant-garde music”? We know, but we're not telling. Instead, here's a little list of other LA musical celebrities candidates who are not in this mysterious supergroup:

Snacks the cat

– Flea

– Ryan Gosling and a bunch of children who shop at Ozzie Dots

– LA Weekly's cover person John 5

– Kevin Eubanks

– One of the freaky chicks from Pocahaunted

– That one stoned guy at Low End Theory

– That trust-fund hipster girl who recorded a track for Manimal's Bowie compilation which got bumped for Duran fucking Duran

– A former member of Black Flag

– Lemmy Kilmister

– That gender-unclear being featured every other week on our Nightranger column who used to run that club 20 years ago where Nightranger tripped balls that one time the bassist for that one alt band from the mid-to-late '80s got wasted and made out with that scene queen who now teaches yoga in the valley.

– That girl who runs the Steampunk night at the Echoplex

– Lo-fi maestro Manny Nieto

– Billy Corgan fronting Ya Ho Wha 13

Ok, fine–it's your turn. Who do you think is behind LA's mystery supergroup HIGHONS?

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