Gustavo Turner

Credit: Gustavo Turner

Best Date Spot to Take the Twin Peaks Fanatic in Your Life

Fans of old-timey California dining spots and seekers of secluded, intimate, low-key, exclusive fine-dining have known about the Old Place for decades. This rustic gem, hidden in the hillside hamlet of Cornell (near Agoura and Malibu Hills) opened as a locals' sanctuary in 1970 and is still run by members......
Erin La Rosa

10 Red-Hot Facts About Redheads, From a Redhead Expert

Redheads — they are everywhere, right? You probably know a redhead or know someone who knows a redhead or are a redhead yourself. You can be born that way or you can choose to become one — it actually doesn’t matter how you join this universal brotherhood and sisterhood. ......
Leonard Cohen; Credit: Rama/Wikimedia Commons

Raise a Glass, Friends, to Leonard Cohen, Prophet of the Heart

What would Leonard Cohen do? I’ve asked myself that question many times, even if Dylan warned us repeatedly that he and his colleagues are just song-and-dance men, mere entertainers who should be nobody’s role models. Still (sorry, Bob), Leonard Cohen from Montreal, Quebec, and for many decades of Los Angeles,......
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