Earlier this month, Billboard announced that someone had beaten the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and every high-profile DJ you know (yes, even Tiesto!) to the top position on their Dance Music chart.

That someone was a 78-year-old woman.

The track in question was called “Move on Fast,” which this lady had originally recorded in 1972.

Oh, but there's more: this was her 6th consecutive #1 Dance hit in the 21st century.

Let that sink in for a second. Oh, no–we're not lying to you.

Can you guess who it was?


– She turned 78 last February.

– She's been active since the '60s.

– The original version of “Move On Fast” was recorded in 1972.

Still stumped? (don't Google cheat!)

The answer is…


Yup, we told you last year that Yoko's star-studded show at the Orpheum was one of the most amazing music gigs we had seen, and we even wrote a little essay on how everyone should listen to her, because, well–she's amazing (ask Lady Gaga).

But we didn't know then that Yoko had been quietly taking over the Dance Charts with a series of originals and remixes of her old songs.


Right now, Yoko is busy in NYC organizing a series of events to help her birthland of Japan. Check out details here.

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