For many fans of film scores and music, no one working in Hollywood right now understands the pairing better than Wes Anderson. From the start, Anderson's been in a groove: For his first feature length, Bottle Rocket, he had the good fortune to work with Mark Mothersbaugh, whose work with Devo and scores for Pee Wee's Playhouse made him a perfect foil for Anderson's eye. The pair worked on Anderson's first four films.

But in addition to his good fortune with composers, Anderson's taste in music has added a great layer to his work. From the classic uses of the Creation and the Kinks in Rushmore to Nico and Paul Simon in The Royal Tenenbaums to his excavation of strange Bollywood soundtrack songs for The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson's soundtracks not only score his films, but play along in our daily lives. We can't listen to the The Rolling Stones' great “I Am Waiting,” from Rushmore, not to mention the genius use of Seu Jorge to perform David Bowie songs in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, without zipping in our heads back to the sequences in the films.

This morning Anderson released the soundtrack details for his forthcoming animated feature, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The original music for the film was composed by French composer Alexandre Desplat, whose lush, echoed work can at times be a little saccharine, but when he's on — as he most definitely is on the soundtrack to the Jonathan Glazer film Birth (a haunting, underrated film, btw) and in Stephen Frears' The Queen — the effect can be stunning.


1. American Empirical Pictures* – Alexandre Desplat

2. The Ballad of Davy Crockett – The Wellingtons

3. Mr. Fox in the Fields* – Alexandre Desplat

4. Heroes and Villains – Beach Boys

5. Fooba Wooba John – Burl Ives

6. Bogus, Bunce and Bean* – Alexandre Desplat

7. Jimmy Squirrel and Co.* – Alexandre Desplat

8. Love – Nancy Adams

9. Buckeye Jim – Burl Ives

10. High-Speed French Train* – Alexandre Desplat

11. Whack Bat Majorette* – Alexandre Desplat

12. The Grey Goose – Burl Ives

13. Bean's Secret Cider Cellar* – Alexandre Desplat

14. Une Petite Ile – Georges Delerue

15. Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones

16. Fantastic Mr. Fox AKA Petey's Song – Jarvis Cocker

17. Night and Day – Art Tatum

18. Kristofferson's Theme* – Alexandre Desplat

19. Just Another Dead Rat in a Garbage Pail (Behind A Chinese Restaurant)* – Alexandre Desplat

20. Le Grand Choral – Georges Delerue

21. Great Harrowsford Square* – Alexandre Desplat

23. Stunt Expo 2004* – Alexandre Desplat – Alexandre Desplat

23. Canis Lupus* – Alexandre Desplat

24. Ol' Man River – The Beach Boys

25. Let Her Dance – Bobby Fuller Four

*Music composed, conducted and produced by Alexandre Desplat

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