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Kid Infinity Unveils New Clip for " P.Y.C.O. (Put Your Clothes On!)"

Last Saturday night at the Downtown Independent movie theater, dirty-synth/electro/punk duo Kid Infinity debuted their new video for "P.Y.C.O.," their track with a message that we've all screamed at one time or another: "Put your clothes on!" The pair, who are a cross-platform creative entity working not only as musicians......
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Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Tuesday: Ten Videos from Carson's Finest

On this, the 22nd anniversary of their creation, let's give another little holler at Carson's finest, the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., a five-member Samoan-American rap posse spawned in 1988. They are, in the words of one fan, "a group that I feel is so powerful," and by another as "the biggest dudes......
Dirty Projectors and Alarm Will Sound; Credit: Timothy Norris

Last Night: Dirty Projectors Perform 'The Getty Address' at Disney Hall

View more photos in Timothy Norris' Dirty Projectors slideshow. Saturday night at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Brooklyn band Dirty Projectors converged with fellow New Yorkers Alarm Will Sound to perform the Projectors' 2005 concept album, The Getty Address, about a man named Don Henley who wanders America trying to understand......
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Drink This YouTube Clip Down Like a Fine Glass of Wine

Good Monday morning to you. As Aquarium Drunkard so aptly put it when they posted this clip last week, "I just made your day/week." The goal: to keep this song in your head until Friday. Swish it around in your brain whenever something starts to bum you out or get......
Damian Lazarus: a London transplant now living in L.A.

Damian Lazarus, Cockney Rebel

Damian Lazarus is sitting at the dining-room table of his Echo Park home trying to recover from a five-day touring blitz that he and his label mates at Crosstown Rebels have just finished. He's a bit worn down, but that's part of the deal. The next morning he leaves for......
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