We Know Hotels: Elevating Personalized Hotel Accommodations Beyond Other Concierge Services

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American Express customers often rave about the company’s concierge service more so than their credit cards. Cardholders have access to a team of knowledgeable professionals who can help them with any number of requests. The concierge service assists cardholders with various tasks such as booking travel arrangements, securing event tickets, making dining reservations, providing recommendations, and helping with special occasion planning. While this comprehensive service is undoubtedly valuable, some cardholders have expressed concerns that its broad approach may make it less effective in handling highly specialized tasks. Nowhere is this more apparent than in how Amex’s concierge team facilitates hotel experiences, from booking to check out.

With millions of cardholders looking for any number of random requests, it is not surprising that even a company like American Express can let some things fall through the cracks. American Express would not have the same level of relationships and inroads built with the general managers on the ground, even if they have a relationship with corporate, compared to a concierge service solely focused on hospitality. This difference can rear its head in many ways, including but not limited to difficulty securing refunds as they are issued at the hotel’s discretion. While American Express’s concierge service aims to provide a wide range of hotel-related assistance, it may fall short of We Know Hotels’s highly specialized approach.

We Know Hotels is a personalized luxury hospitality service exclusively focusing on hotel accommodations. Going an inch wide and a mile deep, We Know Hotels excels in delivering highly tailored and unique hotel experiences.

Through its emphasis on relationships—when it comes to clients and partnered locations—We Know Hotels has forged strong bonds with some of the most coveted luxury hotels worldwide. We Know Hotels clients have the convenience of directly contacting their dedicated specialists through WhatsApp text messages or phone calls. The We Know Hotels team is fully committed to resolving requests promptly as they understand the time sensitivity and potential stress associated with travel. To ensure clients are never left waiting during business hours, they respond to all messages within 30 minutes or less during business hours. This intimate and personalized approach enables We Know Hotels open and frequent communication, enabling the specialist to to foster a deep understanding of the specific details and subtleties that create an unforgettable hotel stay, tailored precisely to the client’s desires.

Since hotel accommodations are the sole focus of We Know Hotels, their expert team prioritizes intimately knowing each property and developing close  connections with the general managers of all major luxury hotel locations. These connections enable the company to deliver unparalleled accommodations. We Know Hotels experts personally confirm all reservations and specific accommodations with the general managers directly – leaving nothing to chance and ensuring the highest level of care for their clients.

  The company’s slogan, “We know hotels, and we know our clients,” is not a marketing tagline but is its modus operandi. Their unique melange of highly personalized client-centric approach and hyper-specialization in hotel accommodations sets them apart. American Express’s concierge service falls short in delivering the same level of expertise and intimate attention as We Know Hotels. Their personally assigned dedicated travel expert ensures nothing short of excellence, from custom booking requests to providing tailored on-site accommodations, private back door check-ins, and even securing refunds before the hotel in most cases, when necessary.

Among many other benefits and personalized treatment, We Know Hotels expertly gains free upgrades for their clients, or reserves highly sought after suites that are not even available online. They have been known to have the ability to hold rooms for clients to tour before deciding which they like the most, then book it on the spot for them. Take it from We Know Hotels clients themselves, “I am particular about what rooms I stay in, with We Know Hotels they make sure I am always happy. On my last trip, they had put the hotel penthouse on hold for 24 hours to see if I liked it when I arrived, then, they booked it on the spot.” Whether an ocean view is needed or privacy is paramount, We Know Hotels handles it with discretion. Just like friendly service at a coffee shop can turn a simple interaction into something that uplifts a day for most of us, being greeted by the general manager with Veuve Clicquot-filled crystal flutes and skipping the line through a private door can transform a trip into an unforgettable vacation. Julie, one the top specialists on the We Know Hotels team, knows that she has facilitated a successful trip when her clients she has built a relationship with FaceTime her, just to show how excited they are about the incredible property. “It’s my favorite part, it’s so rewarding to know I can make clients happy by finding them the perfect property” Julie states.

We Know Hotel’s unique services and exclusive deals are available to clients at no extra fees. By leveraging the expertise and connections of its seasoned travel professionals and building a deep relationship with its clients, the company delivers an exceptional level of personalized service that is unmatched in the industry. Reserved in the past for those who knew of the service, the industry’s best-kept secret has been garnering some newfound attention from travelers frustrated with American Express’s concierge service and who want a more personalized attentive travel experience. With its ever-growing roster of five-star accommodations at international locations, including Rosewood, Aman, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Bulgari Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, One&Only, Montage, 1 Hotels, Waldorf, The Peninsula Hotels, Oetker Collection, and more, there is something for every type of traveler and occasion.

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