Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has always been a couple’s celebration of their affection. But love is love, and you deserve to receive it yourself — from yourself! There are ways you can spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single — so you need not be jealous or cringe when you see couples celebrating the Feb 14 holiday.

5 Things You Can Do to Celebrate February 14 When You’re Single

Here are ways you can pamper yourself or make others feel loved (romantic or not).

Watch a Movie

If you ever wonder why watching a movie is always an option and suggestion by many, it’s because a film can move or inspire someone. If you’re bitter about romantic films, you can just avoid them — there are other genres that may be right up your alley. Watch a non-romantic feel-good movie if you’d like. You want to let out a good scream? Maybe a horror movie is the one for you.

You don’t even have to go to a movie theater. Just “Netflix and Chill” by yourself — or with friends and family. Grab yourself some popcorn and get lost in whichever film you want to watch. It’ll take your mind off of other things that stress you out.

Go to a Spa

Speaking of stress, if you’re overthinking your “forever alone” situation (and know that you won’t be, because you have yourself — and probably someone worthy of you in the future!), let that negative energy steam away from your body. Go to a sauna, get a massage, have your nails painted, and just get yourself some facial and holistic spa treatment — being single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be glowing!

Be the Third Wheel

If you don’t find couples celebrating on Valentine’s Day “tacky,” then you can either be two lovers’ third wheel (if they’d allow) or you can host a romantic dinner for, say, your parents or your married siblings. You can cook them a three-course meal and set up a romantic candle-lit dinner table for them.

Have a “Singles Only” Get-Together

It’s normal to feel alone on Valentine’s Day when you’re single — but you’re not the only single one around you! In fact, a survey shows that 59% of millennials are single. Go call your other single friends and party together — at home or elsewhere. You never know, you may find a potential partner that’s suited for you.

Buy Yourself a Raunchy Gift

If you’re not missing romance but you’re jealous of the sexy time couples may engage in this Valentine’s Day, then why don’t you get yourself a sex toy for your own pleasure? After all, you know your body best; at least you don’t have to teach someone else where and what you like done to you the most. Moreover, you can take advantage of the deals some stores will most likely have this Valentine’s Day.

In Other Words,

There are plenty of ways to love yourself this Valentine’s Day even if you’re single — people don’t always need a partner in order to feel pampered or sexy. But you should always be happy and supportive of couples who will celebrate Feb 14 in their own ways — like your friends, siblings, and parents!

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