Next week West Coast Sound is going to have some company in the bunker: Director Jason Reitman, whose new Up In the Air is generating Oscar buzz galore both for George Clooney's feature role and Reitman's directorial turn, will be guest blogging here. He'll be offering his tips, picks, advice and whatnot on music. At least we think that's what he's going to be doing. Honestly, we're not exactly sure. We basically told him: do blogs on music, and he agreed.

We're not too worried, honestly. Reitman's long been a music geek, has told us on more than one occasion that he prefers DJing to directing, and has a great ear for music in film.

His DJ team, Bad Meaning Bad (also featuring film and TV composer Mateo Messina), gigged at the Key Club this summer, and West Coast Sound was there to capture it.

Bad Meaning Bad from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.

Jason will be doing a post a day all next week, so check back daily to hear what he has to say about Up in the Air, music in film, DJing, his favorite music — or none of that, or all of that. We're not sure. We're just glad he's getting his hands dirty down here with us.

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