First came the viral video, then the hipster remix, then the covers and the ringtones and the BET awards appearance, and now “Bed Intruder Song” accidental chanteur Antoine Dodson has licensed a Halloween costume commemorating the legendary outfit he was wearing when the news station came a-knocking and his 15 minutes started ticking.

Antoine is not the most polished pitchman, but he's clearly having a lot of fun with the attention he's been getting, and the guy's sass is impossibly endearing.

Will Sexy Antoine Dodson beat Sexy Nurse and Sexy Cat (or Sexy Father Yod, or Sexy Woman-beating Chris Brown, or whatever you're doing this Halloween?) for most popular costume this year? Unlikely, but you better hide your kids hide your wife and hid your husband too cause they're trick or treating everybody out here.


LA Weekly