What started out at the beginning of this year as an intimate, reserved evening in a small part of a labyrinthine club with a jazz band as accompaniment and one or two of L.A.'s great cocktailians serving up specialty cocktails, has become a monthly party of outlandish performances, body paint, respected denizens dancing on bar-tops and guest bartenders from across the country pouring it up as fast as they can.

Welcome to The Edison's Radio Room.

In the style of David Letterman's top ten countdown, Squid Ink submits in reverse countdown order, The Top Ten Things Guaranteed To Happen At The Monthly Guest Bartender/Specialty Cocktails/Performance Art/Steam Punk Extravaganza.

Drum roll provided by the ringing in your head.

10. You will get drunk.

9. You will see people on stilts.

8. You will see every bartender in town enjoying a night off and the ones not enjoying a night off will be behind the bar pouring drinks.

7. You will see rare, reveling, culinary luminaries such as Mozza's GM, David Rosoff and Salvatore Marino and his brother Mario, respectfully of Il Grano and La Bottega.

6. You will talk to girls dressed as milkmaids and it will seem perfectly normal.

5. Boys dressed as magicians will brandish their wands at you and you will wonder why you don't have a wand.

4. You will be covered in glitter.

3. You will unbutton someone's shirt with your teeth.

2. You will drink with the wide-eyed zeal of a teenager hearing Zeppelin for the first time.

And the number one thing guaranteed to happen to you at The Radio Room (or your money back)

1. The next morning you will find photos on your telephone which must be promptly deleted, answer emails from concerned friends, call your mother with an overwhelming sense of displaced guilt, and by six PM when your head has stopped throbbing, Thank God The Radio Room happens only once a month.

Cue The Donna's 'Hyperactive.'

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