Tonight the Quentin Tarantino-owned-and-operated New Beverly Cinema will be showing David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, one of his most misunderstood masterpieces about the strangeness of everyday American culture (even the ubiquitous power lines are kind of malevolent!).

You should go see it. Even if you've watched it before (it came out to little fanfare in 1992), give it another shot on the big screen. True story: we know a guy who went to to see every David Lynch movie twice, once with his eyes open and another closing his eyes through the whole movie to enjoy the director's peerless use of raw sound and music. We tried it with Inland Empire and it works.

Here's then Mike Patton's Fantomas project doing their hommage to the Twin Peaks saga, followed by a totally arbitrary Top Ten David Lynch Music Moments. Get ready for some Roy Orbison lyp-synch, an Orbison cover in Spanish, Nicolas Cage doing his best Elvis impersonation, Rammstein and a very special Bonus Track.

Top Ten David Lynch Music Moments (in no particular order):

1. Dean Stockwell lip-synching Roy Orbison “In Dreams” (Blue Velvet).

2. The iconic intro to Twin Peaks, with the influential-yet-unmatched Angelo Badalamenti theme.

3. “Falling,” the vocal version of the Twin Peaks theme, courtesy of Lynch's protege Julee Cruise. [Ed.'s note: we think Cruise's delivery has been HUGELY influential on a current generation of girl vocalists, many of them running rampant on the LA scene, mining the neo-shoegaze/drone vein.]

4. “James' Song” from Twin Peaks.

5. A demented Leland Palmer sings the Harold Arlen standard “Get Happy” (beginning of clip in Castilian Spanish, for some reason), from Twin Peaks.

6. The Pixies live cover of Eraserhead's “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song).”

7. Nicols Cage gets his Elvis on with “Love Me,” from Wild at Heart.

8. Nina Simone's “Sinner Man” playing over the Inland Empire end credits.

9. Rammstein performing their theme song, from Lost Highway.

10. Roy Orbison's “Crying” becomes “Llorando” in Mulholland Drive [Thanks Steve La for the reminder!]

BONUS TRACK — David Lynch on Music:

UPDATE: The LA Weekly's brilliant movie editor Karina Longworth added a couple of tunes to the list here.

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