[UPDATE: Now there's a sequel with more spinnin' hotties!. Here are some more Hottest L.A. Lady DJs in 2010]

I wish I could title this post “Hottest Female Vinyl DJs in LA“, if only to imply that there is a post on beat DJs to come. While it's not uncommon these days to see ladies (wo)man the 1s and 2s using a mix of vinyl and Serrato, watching a dame go crazy on Ableton is fewer and farther between than I think anyone would like.

But! There is still good news: there are too many hot lady DJs to put on this list! Yes! When yours truly started DJing back in 2003, there were exactly three of us in all of Orange County, and maybe five or six in L.A. I am happy to report that times, they have changed!

…and, here we go:

5. Marion

Dublab's Marion does double duty, spinning for KCRW as well as hosting live streams for Dublab on a regular, serving up contemporary takes on post-punk and indie rock, among other things, on her show “Not Quite Punk”.

Credit: Courtesy Dublab

Credit: Courtesy Dublab

4. Mahssa

This talented turntablist not only slings vinyl at your favorite indie record store, she curates comps for one of our favorite record labels, Finders Keepers, the most recent of which was the highly acclaimed “Pomegranates“.

3. Short Shorts.

Her name says it all. You can find her in Eagle Rock or on the Eastside spinning heavy psych jams.

2. Riley

Riley More has been kicking out the jams at Space is the Place for as long as I can remember. She has a sweet collection of soul, disco, and funk 45s, and she's not afraid to use 'em.

And the hottest lady DJ in LA is…

Credit: Courtesy Brainfeeder

Credit: Courtesy Brainfeeder


This is the First Lady of Brainfeeder. Enough said.

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