Tweeps took over Hollywood & Highland's Kodak Theater for the 140 Character Conference, the second edition of Jeff Pulver's global Twitter initiative (first in New York, next in London) that explores the effects of the real-time web on business, media, and culture.

Here are our Top 140 (or so) tweets via the #140conf Tweetstream…

wordpost @jeffpulver – We're entering the real-time web…if you wanted to you could stand up and change the world #140conf

shellykramer Your opinion really matters. Your voice is actually being heard. #140Conf ( via @jeffpulver )

keather The world is changIng and we're all in it together ala @jeffpulver at #140conf

shellykramer Beauty of social media: conversations and relationships that might not otherwise have happened. via @virginamerica #140Conf

Reelpolitik What I learned at #140Conf: It's not “Mainstream” vs. “New” Media it's “Today's” vs. “Yesterday's” Media (@ariannahuff)

ameedahc @Ariannahuff “the best thing about new media is you can act not just consume” #140Conf

DanaChinn People turning into institutions? Having millions of followers-what does that mean? Have we lost our way? @davewiner #140conf

Angeleenie #140conf LOVE LOVE LOVE that when the presentations are supposed to “wrap up” the Oscar music cues them to leave the stage NICE @jeffpulver

@jessicagottlieb; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@jessicagottlieb; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

delwilliams If you are not engaging and only observing then you are a lurker and that is creepy @scottporad #140Conf

alanweinkrantz #140Conf, @BillyBush said that while his content is not syndicated world wide, he is syndicated world wide via #Twitter

web20classroom Don't Tweet and drive….Great advice from @billybush…. #140conf

iDiplomacy @tedstew warns that celebrities who use Twitter merely to promote charities of their choice risk creating “compassion fatigue” #140conf

hensel Oprah Winfrey is biggest disappointment on Twitter: Oprah doesn't have any memorable tweets – @tedstew #140conf

@wmmarc @drew; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@wmmarc @drew; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

wmmarc Going to need all the Good Thoughts & Support I can get so that I don't break down & sob onstage for my #140conf speech

adventuregirl @Wmmarc speaking at #140conf Amazing photographer using social media 2 show real people “as the rockstars that they really are”…

diannarae .@wmmarc – wanted do for tech what rolling stone did for rockstars, show how interesting and cool the tech people are. #140conf

beeahna @wmmarc is speaking and you can hear the passion and awe in his voice. #140conf

Bsimi Passion – indeed ! @wmmarc cc: @LIVESTRONG @Drew @Stales #140conf You guys are my Heros ! #Cancersucks

slackmistress Damn I'm going to lose it during @wmmarc's tribute 2 his brother. #140conf

BAoki We are all gong to start crying with @wmmarc 's presentation #140conf

urlgrl @wmmarc We love you too! #140conf

acoolong I #blamedrewscancer for @wmmarc bringing tears to my eyes #140conf

rachael Teary eyed @wmmarc #140conf

krynsky Emotional & amazing talk today by @wmmarc at #140conf thank you for sharing. You are loved Marc context for those not here]

howlvenice there is inspiration at #140Conf. it's not just social media @wmmarc

@jeffpulver @kevinpollak; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@jeffpulver @kevinpollak; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

krystyl @kevinpollak is 'over' so-called traditional media #140conf

BryanPerson From @KevinPollak: “Convinced that what I'm doing becomes completely and utterly mediocre the moment it becomes 'mainstream.' ” #140Conf

nrek Motherfucking @mona on the stage for #140conf… my conference life is now complete. #hashtag #overlord #ftw

WeaponII @adamjackson – Wow. Did @Mona bring the noise at #140conf that good she knocked the power out?

@doctorparadox; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@doctorparadox; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

Ribeezie OH: “Twitter is word of mouth on crack!” – @mikeprasad #140conf

joenormal Great quote @CC_Chapman: We can talk about all the buzz words we want, “but it boils down to being human.” #140Conf

ScanMyPhotos Clients are scared to talk with customers / fans. Ad agencies need to wake up. #140conf

georgedearing during #140conf break via @scobleizer “anything automatic on Twitter is spam” YES!

doctorparadox “I can wear a suit. I am a man.” — @benparr, whilst holding an unbearably cute mini-cupcake #140conf

shellykramer Brands petrified to talk to customers who're FANATICAL about the brand. Fear is unwarranted. WAKE UP! @cc_chapman #140Conf

GregHuntoon “It's not about FB, Twitter,,'s about you talking to people, being real, messing up..” #140conf @cc_chapman

jeffrago Leave this place better than you found it. Not just about changing the world but about making it better. @thesolster #140conf

hensel Being on Twitter is like being a summer camp director, you can inspire peeps to do amazing things #140conf

@mikeprasad; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@mikeprasad; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

booksquare @drew just introduced us to awesome new feature on iPhone: the phone. #140conf

ShellyKramer Amazing feature on iPhone -the PHONE. You can dial a #, someone answers on the other end. IN REAL TIME. via @drew #140Conf

hensel Don't get lost on Twitter. Don't forget the people who care about you the most. Keep having real life connections #140conf

sarahcooley off to an out of office meeting… still smiling from the phone call I got from @drew during his presentation at #140conf

ShellyKramer Lists R metadata about U that you did NOT write. U R not in control of what lists people put U on. #140Conf via @scobelizer

adventuregirl @sioksiok Amazing girl from Singapore-traveld/bus acrossAmer filming #Twittermentary-filmng ppl via Tweeps recs #140conf

christinelu #140conf @sioksiok producing a documentary called Twittamentary. Very creative & inspiring work.

JulieSpira “Don't let access to the real time ruin your real time” – @sass #140conf

@adventuregirl; Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

@adventuregirl; Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

jennydemilo RT @seanpercival: Come to the theatre at 3pm if you want to learn how to give good tweet! #140conf adding: i found tweeting about cock works

ShellyKramer Twitter is a phone company. Right now it's a party line. Listen listen listen and then talk. via @jessicagottlieb #140Conf

CoachDeb Twitter is glitchy today – I blame #140conf

mattsingley 3 of my fave “down and dirty” news/music/food sources speaking at #140conf right now: @lalawag @laweekly @SFWeekly

LewisHowes the “dream” girls are singing on stage at the #140conf and they are freaking killing it!!!! @lphoenixmusic nice work!

Angeleenie #140conf is OFFICIALLY trending! Nice job tweeps! keep up the hashtagging!

seanpercival Hot girl panel up next! Woooo! #140conf <~ Where's the Twitpic?? =P

BAoki “Twitter is the new age's pen pal” sez @adventuregirl “when you finally meet them you feel like you know them forever” #140conf

50diamonds RT @jeffrago: Twitter is the new age pen pal. @adventuregirl #140conf – I don't think I was this addicted to my old penpal!! LOL

jeffrago It would be very draining to pretend to be someone your not. @shiralazar #140conf

aaswartz Best advice about getting a book published from #140conf “you've actually got to write the book..using action verbs helps too”

jeffpulver The “twitter After Dark” session has started. #140conf

jeffrago If you do porn, does that automatically make you a star? #140conf

hensel Audience asked adult industry panel: “what is your fave position?” Answer: In front of the computer with a keyboard! #140conf

Credit: Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

Credit: Josh “CuriousJosh” Reiss

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