We all know Britney Spears luuuuuuuuvs lame sexual puns as names for her singles–remember “IF U Seek Amy”? ZOMG–if you say it out loud it spells out “F.U.C.K. Me”, you guys!!!

Well, the bitch is back with a new single and this time, yup, she went for another lame sexual double-entendre. La Spears' little dittie is called “Hold It Against Me,” which could refer to:

a) the metaphorical act of holding a grudge and thinking negatively of somebody (i.e., Britney) on account of a former act


b) that thing she told Kevin Federline to do while they were messing around, which he disregarded. Twice.

So in honor of “Hold It Against Me,” here are the Top 10 Rejected Titles for Britney Spears' New Single (straight from the trailer's cutting room floor!):

10. “Paint It White”

9. “If U Seek Amy Harder”

8. “Legally Unfit Mother (But Pretty Fit Otherwise)”

7. “(Let's Do the) Beast with Two Back-Up Singers”

6. “Shave My Pussy(Cat)”

5. “Cum-a Chameleon” (feat. Boy George)

4. “(I'm a) Slave 4 Ewe” (Sweet Home Alabama Remix)

3. “Hold It Against Me B-Side”

2. “Gimme More” (oh, wait…)

And the Number One Rejected Title for Britney Spears' New Single is…

1. “Hit Me Baby One More Time (With Your Humongous Cock)”

LA Weekly