From time immemorial amateur teenage girls have practiced their rock moves in front of the mirror. Since the advent of YouTube, said amateur teenage girls have been getting their rockstars on in front of their webcams. And since the advent of The Runaways' movie the female empowerment gospel of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie (ok, and Kim Fowley) has provided a blueprint for thousands of bedroom Ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bombs.

Here's our list of Top 10 Amateur Teenage Girls Playing The Runaways' “Cherry Bomb” in their Bedrooms (plus a bonus extremely non-amateur teenage girl playing “Cherry Bomb”):

10. The Fresh-faced Hopeful

She writes: “Hi! I've discovered this band thanks to the movie The Runaways with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning! And people, this glam rock band rocks a lot! I hope you enjoy this cover coz i did!!!!.” Inspirational!

9. The Joan Jett Clone

Uncanny. Somebody forward this to Joan: we think she'd dig.

8. The Mystery Spanish Cherry Bomb

Roll over flamenco: From sunny Spain comes this faceless torso, and she rocks.

7. The Peppy Glee Club Cherry Bomb

She'll teach you how to play it! So servicey. “This is jus my interpretation of the song, not 100% correct,” she writes.

6. The Ch-ch-ch-cherry Drum

We love drummers. And we love “Cherry Bomb.” Here's the perfect combo.

5. The Brazilian Emo Duo

Possibly the mopiest, least sexy “Cherry Bomb” ever. Somehow, though, it works.

4. The Intense Hollywood Cherry Bomb

3. The Why-So-Serious Bomb

This girl is the Satriani & Vei of the Cherry-Bomb-amateur-bedroom-coverers.

2. The Ch-ch-ch-ch-cherr… Alright, who are we kidding: The Jailbait

Somehow we fear this is exactly what Kim Fowley had in mind when he locked those girls in that trailer and forced them to come up with “Cherry Bomb”…

And the Number One Amateur Teenage Girl Playing The Runaways' “Cherry Bomb” in her Bedroom is…

1. The Austrian Cherry Bomb

There's nothing not right about this girl: rad haircut, rad attitude, rad wallpaper, easel ready to go, Patti Smith poster. She rules. Period.

BONUS TRACK: Miley Cyrus is the furtherest thing from an amateur, but here's her crack at “Cherry Bomb” (fast forward to 2:40):

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