Tonight at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood is the release party for the upcoming Love and Rockets tribute, New Tales to Tell. The album features a shockingly varied group of artists honoring the British post-goth rock band, including Better than Ezra, the Dandy Warhols, War Tapes, Ian Moore and Blaqk Audio; it was released digitally yesterday and will see a physical release on August 18. Bands scheduled to perform tonight include Astra Heights, Vex, and the Invisible Humans.

The label was generous enough to toss us an unreleased MP3 for our readers; it's by Halloween Jack, a supergroup featuring members or former members of Jane's Addiction (Stephen Perkins), Guns n Roses (Gilby Clarke), Alice Cooper's band (Eric Dover), and Garbage (Daniel Shulman).

Tonight's release party (free booze!) begins at 6 p.m. Note: the event also lists “Special Guests” as attending; we don't want to speculate, but considering that most of Love & Rockets lives in LA, it wouldn't shock us if some of the tributees are feted by the tributers.

Halloween Jack – Yin & Yang the Flowerpot Man (MP3)

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