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Devendra Banhart has been called a lot of things: “corporate sellout, freak-folk icon, neo-hippie dilettante”–and that's in one recent article alone. But regardless of your personal stance on the man's authenticity or supposed lack thereof, one thing is certain: the guy knows how to put on a show. Whether shirtless and bedecked with beads, draped in a poncho or dressed in drag, Banhart is the consummate ringleader on stage–a vamping, doe-eyed master of ceremonies whose every vocal quaver and finger-picked guitar solo is positively magnetic. For tonight's show at The Wiltern, the L.A. folkie has a fresh batch of players (The Grogs) at his beck and call to help execute his inimitable worldly psychedelia.

[Ed's note: Also, the singles from Devendra's most recent, What Will We Be? Not too shabby. They kind of sound like Little Joy and they're vastly more melodic than his previous attempts at memorable tunesmithery. The reggae one they play on KCRW should be covered by Gregory Isaacs or some OG Jamaican guy like that. Good job, man.]

[Wanna see the infamous “cosmic anus” video Devendra dropped last week? Click here.]

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