Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre has been on fire this month, each week delivering films from the birth and golden era of hip hop. This is the final week of the month-long series. Tonight they're turning over the reigns to the estimable Delicious Vinyl crew, who will be screening rare footage from their archives. (The above video is of the Pharcyde's Fatlip, shot by Spike Jonze; below is the Pharcyde's video for “Drop.”)

Among the tidbits:

– Footage of Ramellzee and graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat at the Rhythm Lounge on Melrose.

– Soul Brother “Legendary” will present highlights from L.A. 1982-1989, including footage from his upcoming Suns of James Brown documentary (video of Uncle Jam's Army, Jam City, Ultrawave, and underground dance crews– including early moves from members of The Pharcyde).

– Delicious Vinyl artists Tone Loc, Young MC, Def Jef, and Body And Soul appear in a 1988 Electronic Press Kit made for the label by director Tamra Davis.

– Miscellaneous music videos.

– A live dance performance by the Soul Brother.

– DJ set by KDAY Grand Mixer M-Walk.

– Peanut Butter Wolf as VJ for a set of visuals to cap off the night.

– “Special guests.”

And then, on Thursday night, the month of hip hop closes with a mix of rare videos from the early days. The press release is better written than anything I want to add:

Beat This! A Hip-Hop History! Yup! It’s the history of hip-hop! And it was made in 1984! And it’s all in rhyme! And it’s vocoderized by Afrika Bambaataa! And it’s sci-fi! And it stars BS-ing punk-impresario-turned-double-dutch-promoter Malcolm McLaren in all his patronizing glory! And it was made for Granada TV! And they forced director Dick Fontaine to slip in McLaren against his will, but he couldn’t do anything about it! Seriously though, this one’s a doozie and a must-see for its sheer audacity alone.

Also, don't forget to check out the slideshow from Sunday's Delicious Vinyl Rmxxology All-Stars Throwdown Party here.

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