Every once in a while there comes a performer so magnetic, so graceful, so Caucasion, that it's necessary to introduce each new generation to her or his glory, so as to keep the spirit, and awareness, alive. William Shakespeare didn't just appear out of the mist a week before you were born; it took intent on the part of each successive generation, on the part of individual humans who, touched by his words, made a specific point to teach her or his children and grandchildren the glory of his work. Mozart? A hard drive of his compositions wasn't just discovered in an attic in Vienna. The music was passed down, was taught, was practiced, was learned, and 300 years later those melodies still echo.

With that in mind, we bring you Heino, the subject of Skylaire Alfvegren's feature in this week's LA Weekly. Specifically, we honor one Marc Hickox, whose ode to Heino, a stage/comedy act that he performs monthly at the Red Lion in Silverlake, seeks to introduce the German singer to a new generation. Hickox willl be performing there TONIGHT. Yes, a lot of aging hipsters (and Germans) know of Heino. But the younger generation, especially those looking for fashion tips, would be well-advised to study this Mensch. We've never been to Hickox's gig, but are headed down there tonight for sure. With that in mind, we bring you a few clips of the real Heino.

After this performance, Heino and the band went on to conquer the Huns.

This classic has a pretty awesome breakbeat that producers may want to pay attention to.

Marc Hickox meets the REAL Heino (and the universe nearly collapses in on itself).

The Hanson Brothers honor Heino in song.

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