This is free. If you're in the Fairfax neighborhood around 7 tonight, or feel like making a trek for some Cantor's and comics, head to Family tonight for the mind-blown work of Paperrad's Jacob Ciocci, who will present a new 20-minute mix of original videos and animations. He'll also be performing — and this is intriguing — something called 'I Let My Nightmares Go', which features “dance moves that grapple with mental demons, web 2.0, G.O.D., 21st-century breakdown, real lies and fake truths, cartoon violence, and awareness bracelets.” It's a frickin' Wednesday night. What better do you have to do than to wrestle with fake truths and real lies?

Paperrad stuff.

This is free, too, same night (tonight):

Quoth Family's website: “David Wightman will perform as Fortress of Amplitude, a guitar wielding minstrel from another time and place. Accompanied by a blast beat playing drum machine, He will execute a musical composition focusing on fantasy, repetition and ecstacy.”

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