It's getting harder and harder for musicians to get noticed these days (memo to local bands: if you hire an unprofessional, annoying PR hack who can't even write an email subject line spelling out the what/where/when–we won't name names–it's even harder…)

That's why we have to applaud the pluck of this guy (we're assuming it's a guy–that's guy handwriting) who just scribbled the MySpace information for both of his bands (we're assuming they are his bands or it would be just creepy) on his busted-up Toyota truck.

(There was an X-factor, though: he was lucky a certain music editor for a certain influential local publication got stuck in traffic behind him.)

Here's a detail of the brilliant, young-Don-Draper-worthy grassroots marketing effort. Now go check out those bands (sorry, we don't have time–we're too busy trying to find relevant info in annoying PR emails):

Check them out!; Credit: Gustavo Turner

Check them out!; Credit: Gustavo Turner

Meet When I.O.D. (https://www.myspace.com/iodwhen) and Mothra (https://www.myspace.com/mothrarocks). See? Dreams do come true on the I-10!

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