Timmy’s Organism and the Piranhas: Timmy Vulgar of Detroit band Timmy’s Organism told us about his New Bomb Turns and Piranhas experiences.

Timmy Vulgar: The Best Gig I Ever Saw — it’s a toss up two killer shows.

1.- Teengenerate, New Bomb Turks and Cosmic Psychos in Phoenix, AZ 1995. Or the Piranhas at the Gold dollar in Detroit 1999.

The Teengenerate show changed my life. Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks) got my girlfriend and I into the show because we were under age. That show blew my brain wide open. That’s how I lost all my hair, then I tried regain and I just got “side effects”. CLONE DEFECTS? Yup.

The Piranhas whoa, this one blows away Iggy and GG combined. Piranhas tear through a 15 minute set of chaos garbage punk. Garbage, not garage!!

Nai Sammon’s fingers are bleeding across his guitar strings. Jimbo Easter grabs a cinder block, takes a dead rat, smashes it with a hammer then electrical tapes it to his torso and the whole place is papier-mâchéd with the local weekly. It could of been the LA Weekly. Rock & Roll.”

Timmy’s Organism and the Piranhas: Timmy’s Oraganism’s new album Lone Lizard is out now.



























































































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