This Sister is Blissful Over Kate Bush: Faithless icon Sister Bliss told us about her Kate Bush experience.

Sister Bliss: As soon as Kate Bush announced she was touring again, after a 37-year hiatus I knew I had to be there to witness one of the events of the decade. If not my life! I set alarms and took the morning off work to sit anxiously online, as the spinning wheel of doom came up every time I clicked on a ticket. And through various internet crashes where everything went black.

After four stressful hours I suddenly had two in a basket. Oh my god! It was actually happening!

The trauma of getting tickets for Kate Bush was thankfully outweighed by the brilliance of the gig. There she was resplendent on stage bedecked in feathers, ethereal and magisterial, with a glorious choir and band. With her voice deeper and richer than in our youth, resonating out to the Hammersmith Apollo’s rapt audience including Elton John & David Furnish below us holding each other through this soundtrack to our lives.

She performed the whole of The Ninth Wave, the concept ‘b side’ of the Hounds of Love album. It was almost a religious experience; every note is inscribed in me of that whole album. Especially The Ninth Wave in all its feminine power and mystery. There were points we collectively wept at the tenderness of her performance (so did Elton & David), laughed at the slightly theatrical moments and were in awe of this woman who changed the face of music and my life, our lives.

I remember Maxi [Jazz, also of Faithless] turning to me saying with a wide grin “I’ve waited 37 years to see this woman!”. Now he has gone, I think how exceptionally lucky we were to have experienced this unique happening together and share our love for Kate and all she meant to us.

This Sister is Blissful Over Kate Bush: Sister Bliss’ new single “Life is a Melody” with Hyacinth & Apollo is out now.




























































































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