Time magazine's new issue covers the food crisis in America: Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food. “Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food,” writes Bryan Walsh, “they face a future of eroded farmland, hollowed-out countryside, scarier germs, higher health costs — and bland taste.” The article cites recent food recalls, the obesity epidemic (which burdens the already seriously flawed health care system with $147 billion a year), and a worldwide demand for meat and poultry “set to rise 25% by 2015” among the catalog of scary concerns. A little something to read, after you've seen Food, Inc. again and brushed up on your Upton Sinclair. With photo essays on what the world is eating and urban farming, and a list of food trends (salmonella, goat, Grant Achatz) of 2008.

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