Thom Yorke spun at Tropicana at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, according to many Tweets. The Tuesday evening gig, normally a weekly event hosted by Ashtar Command/Yum Yum/Paul McCartney DJ Chris Holmes, turned up a notch when longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich showed up with Yorke, who jumped on the turntables (and apparently played Major Lazer). A source says that the surprise DJ set was totally unplanned and therefore unannounced. What Yorke's up to in LA is top secret. We've heard rumors, but we're not allowed to spread them just yet.

Here's a little taste of the surprise Tweets:

@djerictm: @brokemogul Thanks for that Thom Yorke tweet. I never would've gone out.

@heyhaye: thom yorke djing tonight. goodnight LA…. @jasonisnott what you got?

@thedaylights: Standin here watching thom yorke and Nigel godrich spin stuff like daft punk a few feet away – Nigel agreed to produce our next record..Uh?

@wordwarthree: I guess it's worth mentioning Thom Yorke was DJ'ing the Roosevelt tonight…I think I like DJ Robot better. (RT that @joshx10)

@paradeoflights: Thom Yorke next time you DJ at the Roosevelt, call us and let us know. It's been awhile. We miss you.

@RunawayGallery: Thom Yorke DJing at the Roosevelt right now. Not too bad. Not bad at all.

@bruin: so jealous of @nataliereed who is at the roosevelt right now. thom yorke is doing a surprise dj set!

@paultao: Thom Yorke playing @majorlazer during his dj set? Moderately surprised

@nataliereed: @diplo oh my fuck thom yorke is playing major lazer right now!

@adampalermo: thom yorke is at tropicana, wtf?!

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