One of the great moments of my tedious existence was playing host to Paperrad's Summer of HTML tour when it rolled through St. Louis in 2003. The art-collective-cum-musical project did a house tour with the 8-Bit Construction Set and artist Cory Arcangel, and over the course of four glorious hours in an old Victorian brownstone in STL, the collection of artists blew us away.

Ever since then I've been an obsessed onlooker, tracing the group as they've done videos for Lightning Bolt (which, like Paperrad, got their fancy art training at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence), created fucked up work for Yo Gabba Gabba, and dropped some of the most curious and identifiable aesthetics on the digipunk art world.

Paperrad's video for Lightning Bolt's “Live in Indonesia.”

Paperrad's P-Unit Mix Tape from 2005

If you have an hour, this will freak your shit. Totally.

Extreme Animals – Mystery Track #1 (MP3)

Extreme Animals – Mystery Track #2

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