1. Lina Lecaro breaks the story of Jason Shapiro's suit against Swede garage-fellas the Hives. It seems their “Tick Tick Boom” from this year's Get Smart soundtrack sounds suspiciously like his band the Roofies' “Why You?” Same opening riff, same bridge. But … that's a pretty universal riff.

2. Foot Village unveils new album in state-of-the-art “cassette” technology. Deerhunter follows suit a few days later.

3. LA-born maxi-label Warner Brothers Records celebrates 50 years of greatness (no really — just ignore the last five years) with big-ass book and copy-protected 320 song USB flash drive of highlights. Yes, it includes Foghat's “Slow Ride.”

4. Soul-Sides' Oliver Wang assesses Robin Thicke's new album: “Compared to Solange Knowles’ likable but transparently retro-soul outing or Jennifer Hudson’s surprisingly sterile and inert debut, Thicke showcases what a mature, self-assured command of style can achieve: an album of protean sounds and moods, tied together through a voice that can speak loudest when it whispers.”

5. Hank III questions Hootie's country credentials: “I'm not knocking Hootie and the Blowfish — but he made a record, turned it in, they said, “It's too country but if you do this and this, we'll guarantee you a number one hit song and you'll have this amount of records sold.” He did that and did this and sure enough, he has a number one song. Never been a country artist until now and he'll probably be at the new CMA awards. So it just goes to show you it's a machine, you've got to play along to get ahead and if you don't play along, you're an outcast.

6. Part Time Punks announce the first annual post-punk fest.

7. KLF: Yes, oh yes, “3 a.m. Eternal.”

8. Until the Light Takes Us, a new black metal documentary, premieres at AFI Fest.

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