It should come as no surprise that some of us over at West Coast Sound like to DJ, as well; opinions on music don't mean much if we can't shove them through the eyes without also forcing them down your earholes. Which is another way of saying that we want you to read what we write about and listen to what we love.

A few days ago a friend swung by West Coast Sound's Hollywood residence and did a mix. Inspired by his music (and some medicinal marijuana for our, um, aching cataracts), we went ahead and did a mix ourselves, which we're presenting below, entitled Clifton's Cafeteria Mix after our favorite supplier of green Jello, after this here jump.

Clifton's Cafeteria Winter '09 Mix by Randall Roberts

We're hesitant to offer specific set list, because this streaming mix contains a few uncleared items — though nothing by anyone who's likely to care (… still). If you're curious about specific tracks, give a holler. And sorry for the occasionally skipping vinyl; such is life on worn out records.

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