October 2022: the heat waves are over, the leaves are starting to turn, and we were granted a month filled with sweets, frights and puppy delights. From around the internet, here are the top dog videos of October 2022.

1. This young goatling is trying to show this oblivious little pup who’s boss.

2. This sadistic pup will be sure to haunt your dreams.

3. We think this pup may have a crush, but seems to be playing it too cool. Don’t be coy my friend, shoot your shot already!

4. This friend becomes the happiest pooch once she’s strapped into her rolly legs:

5. An oldie but goodie, this spider dog surely terrorized a whole sleepy town.


Our favorite doggos did it all this month: spooked us, got into fights, made some friends and even made us shed a tear. For some more laughs, check out the top cat videos of October 2022!

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