Halloween, oh Halloween. How we love thee. We love thee’s creepy costumes. We love the bucket of random candies on top of every receptionist’s desk in town. We even love the yellow Starbursts at the bottom of said buckets, but only after we’ve eaten our way to that point. But our sweet tooth cravings don’t have to be limited to children’s candy, NO! There are many children’s desserts that we can happily indulge in too, even if we’re well into our 40s. Any of these will surely be a hit at the Halloween party this weekend, and you can thank us by saving a few of those pink Starbursts for us. Here are the top 5 recipes for Halloween treats:

1. Dirt Cake

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter in recent years about how we’ll all be eating bugs in the near future (don’t click that link if you’re squeamish). To that I say, no sir, might as well bury me now. But bury me in a dirt cake, where I will happily munch down on gummy worms, the only critter you’ll catch me eating.

Joy Food Sunshine has our favorite recipe for the Halloween party mainstay. They say, “This dirt pudding is one of our favorite no-bake desserts! It’s a kid-friendly, make-ahead recipe that’s perfect to serve at any potluck or BBQ!”

And we certainly agree! It’s delicious, and as they note, doesn’t require any baking whatsoever. The best part is that it’s freezable for future eating, so if you’ve overloaded on sugar, you can pull this one out in a few weeks when the kids are asleep and it’s time for mama’s stories.

2. Bloody Intestines Cinnamon Rolls

We all love cinnamon rolls, but how about one that very closely resembles intestines?

Everyday Shortcuts has the recipe for this truly disgusting concoction. They note that they are “quick to make and easy to bake in the oven on Halloween morning or before the kids head off to trick-or-treating.”

It’s put together with homemade dough and package cinnamon rolls that unravel to look like intestines, and a Halloween spin that calls for red icing. Even better, the recipe only requires 10 minutes of bake time. That means less time baking, more time eating. OR, less time baking, more time having it ooze out your stomach looking realer than a Saw movie. Whatever floats your boat.

3. Mummy Hot Dogs is one of the Best Recipes for Halloween Treats

When you read “Ahh!!” are you reading it as someone freaking out? Because that thing is so scary? Well when it comes to mummy hot dogs, you would be DEAD WRONG. Mummy hot dogs would only be scary if you were scared of an armless and legless mummy confined to a serving tray. But mummy dogs do deserve an “Ahh!!” because they are just so damn cute!!!

Lil Luna has the recipe for my new favorite Halloween 4pm meal. (I’m trying this diet where I eat seven meals a day, I’d let you know how it’s going but my fingers are getting too chubby to type.)

Basically these dogs are pigs in a blanket with the blanket wrapped loosely to resemble a mummy’s bandages. Plus they got the cutest little eyes. The recipe notes: “The kids’ fav part of Mummy Dogs would have to be the eyes though. Pick up a pack of these candy eyes near the baking section of most stores.”

4. Halloween Rice Krispies Treat Pumpkins

Holidays in my household are lovely moments where the family gathers round the kitchen table and celebrate life and the ones we love. And eat Rice Krispies Treats. Christmas Rice Krispies Treats. Flag Day Rice Krispies Treats. ADHD Awareness Month Rice Krispies Treats. What I’m saying is if you’re passing up opportunities to make Rice Krispies Treats, it’s time to ask yourself, what are you even doing?

One Little Project has the answer to this question re: Halloween. Their recipe is one of the easiest and cutest we found. It’s pretty close to a regular Krispies recipe, except they note, “before you add in the Rice Krispies, add food colouring to the marshmallow and butter mixture.”

Then you add a mini Rolo on top and it’s just the cutest little pumpkin ever.

5. Halloween Candy Apples

We saved this one for last because it contains an apple. We know: “Ew! A food with nutritional value during Halloween?” Yes, it’s almost blasphemous. But you’ll love the spooky twist on this fall classic.

Amanda’s Cookin’ takes the slice with their Halloween Candy Apple recipe: “When you take a bite of this poison candy apple, prepare to be enchanted with wickedly sweet candy coating and juicy-tart green apple that will ignite your senses. These Halloween candy apples will be a hit at your haunted parties and may cast spells on your guests to keep coming back for more!”

Plus the sweet and tangy flavors will remind you of Sweetarts, our 12th favorite Halloween candy.

Whether a runny intestine or an adorable mummy, if you take one of these treats to a Halloween party this weekend, we hope it’s a big hit! If you’re the one hosting the party, here are a few tips to make your party a success!

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