We were spoiled this month by good weather, fun adventures with friends and a supply of ridiculous cats keeping us laughing and bewildered. Here are the top 5 cat videos of October 2022:

1. This cat really got into the Halloween spirit by becoming a jack-o’-lantern. (A cat-o’-lantern?)

2.  This clean little friend is communicating with our alien ancestors.

3. This kitty was the light of this grandpa’s eye on his 94th birthday.

4. This proud cat mommy pulled out all the stops because she thinks her kits are absolute cutest. We agree!

5. This furry friend is just as confused by this song as we are.


Whether you’re celebrating your 94th, dressing up like a jack-o’-lantern or a proud mommy yourself, we hope you enjoyed this month in cat videos. Now checkout the top 5 dog videos of October 2022!


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