Longtime Venice residents and fans of L.A. public access television would be advised to pick up this month's fantastic Oxford American. In its consistently great annual music issue, the longtime Southern literary and culture magazine devotes a big chunk of ink to longtime Venice Beach singing duo Elton and Betty White. The couple lived near and performed on Venice Beach for much of the 1990s and had a show on LA public access, though they spent their formative years in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The odd duo specialized in bawdy sex songs that sounded pretty wild coming from an old bikini-clad white lady and her skinny freakazoid black husband. See for yourself above and below. Betty died in 2003, but not before the couple had landed on Arsenio Hall, starred in their Husband and Wife Time show, and earned accolades in local and national press (LA Weekly named the duo LA's Sexiest Couple). According to the feature, Elton White still lives in Venice. (If anyone knows his specific whereabouts, please let us know. We'd love to track him down.)

The attention is all the more deserving given the recent threat to public access TV, which in Los Angeles has produced some of the most insanely inspired moments in the history of the medium (public access was the Pre-YouTube YouTube)


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