We hope our loyal readers gained new insights into the curious world of the Insane Clown Posse with our much-talked-about cover story last month, “Down (and Out) with the Clown — The LA Weekly Interview: Insane Clown Posse.”

One of the points of the piece was to highlight the constant desire for achievement by the ICP's ringmaster and head conceptualist, Joe Bruce, aka Violent J. Bruce is a successful rapper, label owner, book author, storyteller, wrestling impresario, swag merchant, etc., etc.

And after his visit to LA last week, where the duo taped an appearance on the Spike docu-reality show 1,000 Ways to Die, we can add to the list of accomplishments… LA restaurant critic?

Move over @thejgoldthe Juggalo Jonathan Gold has arrived and he's endorsing an LA eating institution:

From the @bigviolentj Twitter account:

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Other things we learned from his recent tweets:

– After his recent breakup, Violent J gets lonely in the wee hours and he's looking for a special juggalette on Twitter.

– He would love to get all up in Snooki's business.

– He's not moving to LA anytime soon, though we think Violent J hasn't done LA right. Too much Spike TV and plastic Hollywood people. Next time you're in town, J, hit us up–we'll take you to Low End Theory. No, seriously Big Violent J at Low End Theory–how cool would that be.

[Also, today is a red-letter day for the Juggalo community: later tonight it's the debut of ICP's first Internet pay-per-view venture, featuring music and their particularly insane version of the WWE, the Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling League. Click here to watch the madness live. Be warned: it makes pro-wrestling look like the bizarre kabuki it is–these people don't mess around: thumbtacks, tables, razors, scissors. Here are some pictures we took last month near Detroit (NSFW–lots of blood)]

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