Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, wrote that each of us has one true freedom: the freedom to decide how we feel about whatever situation we're in. That's it, that's all. “Freedom,” marketing term, has come to assert three additionals: the freedom to use “freedom” as an international marketing term; the freedom to stifle the promulgation of other definitions by any means necessary, including advertainment; and the freedom to govern the state of Minnesota based on the teachings of Dick the Bruiser just to make Andy Kaufman laugh uncontrollably in his grave.

upper left: Trailer for the motion picture The Net (, starring Sandra Bullock. In 1996, some fairly reliable news source (can't recall which) claimed there were more Web sites dedicated to Sandra Bullock than any other celebrity.

upper right: Gorbachev Sells Pizza . “Nothing brings people together like a nice, hot pizza. From Pizza Hut.”

bottom, center: “A Taste of Honey” ( in MIDI format.

Serving suggestion: Open all files in a QuickTime program, turn sound off on upper left and upper right, set all three files to LOOP (Control- or Command-L, generally), crank up sound on bottom center and PLAY ALL as one event.

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