The Great LA Musical Instrument Donation Drive: A special show to benefit Education Through Music (ETM-LA), attendees are encouraged to bring instruments to donate. As for the music, that’s special too. L.A. punk icon Geza X, of Mommymen infamy, is playing his first set in many years. Kira of Black Flag is there, and we’ll get the debut performance of Bronson Caves featuring Screamers’ Paul Roessler and Black Flag’s Des Cadena. 

Geza X was included in our 2019 People issue, and he said of his work on Meredith Brooks’ smash “Bitch” single, “I knew it was a smash hit, so I recorded the whole thing on spec. The studio that Josie Cotton and I built in our garage when we were dating, City Lab, I recorded it all there. At the end of the recording, Meredith brought in another woman who became her permanent manager. That woman brought Perry Watts-Russell from Capitol. He signed her on the spot, on that one song. That went double platinum, and is probably the biggest song I’ve ever done.”

We spoke to him again last year about his new Geza X Records label, and he said “I knew there’s no real money in indie labels, especially now. “I’m making $40 a month to split between 20 different artists. It’s sick. It’s an embarrassment actually, to our culture. Everybody can put out their own record yeah, but as far as monetizing it, it’s worse than the ‘70s. This has always been a labor of love for me anyway – why don’t I just start a label? I have the resources and the connections. I was able to get a really good distribution agent who works through The Orchard, which is basically Sony. I started finding acts I really wanted to put out. Things that I love. The record is set up, it’s stable and I’ve got a few records out. I love every single one of them.”

The Great LA Musical Instrument Donation Drive: The event takes place at 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 15 at the Redwood Bar & Grill.

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