Remember Liam, the 3rd grader who wrote a fantastic essay about his visit to ink. a few months back? Well, he's at it again, this time putting his efforts towards a review of Hart and the Hunter.

The Hart and the Hunter

By Liam Waldman

Brian Dunsmoor & Kris Tominaga have created a MIND BLOWING restaurant named Hart & The Hunter. Immediately the moment you walk in this new modern restaurant you can feel the warmth of it. When you walk further in the waiters lead you to a table, give you some water and your menu. When you're done the waiters will come and take your orders. About 10 minutes later the food will start coming out, and if you want to take something back the waiters will be totally O.K. with it.

Once everything came out I chewed it down, first I ate my shrimp and grits they were AMAZING they tasted like creamy, gritty HEAVEN, and then the biscuits, Oh, the biscuits they were like all of my favorite things COMBINED, the creamy, buttery texture worked so well with the flaky texture. Then the hanger steak I can't even explain it, it is pure HEAVEN. You need to come to this place. I don't recommend anything, everything is spectacular. This restaurant is located in Melrose, L.A.


(Editor's note: We do not endorse the above-mentioned restaurant — some of us haven't even managed to get there yet — nor did anybody suggest to the author of this essay what he should write. In fact, if you have a kid this age in your household, you'll know that suggesting anything would likely be met by the exact opposite of what you wanted. Just saying.)

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