It’s our third annual edition of the 12 Strains of Christmas!

This year’s 12 Strains of Christmas features a spread of the finest cannabis genetics south of The North Pole. Whether you’re looking for the big winners of 2020 or the strains people will be getting excited about in the not-too-distant future, we got you! Just remember who you left the cookies on the table for. We will not be held accountable for their disappearance!

Baby Yoda 

Sure to be one of the rockstar cuts of 2021, Baby Yoda is a pairing of Khalifa Kush x Menthol. Despite Wiz’s dream of naming the strain after the backbone of Disney+ revenue reports, the Mouseketeers are a bit more protective of the copyright than George Lucas was. But even if Compound Genetics can’t call it that, we still can. And regardless of what Compound ends up naming it, it is certainly fine cannabis. It smells a bit like soap and there is a nice edge to the stoney nondrowsy high.  (Photo: Compound Genetics)


Glitter Box 

Few things on the list will live up to their name quite like Glitter Box. This new heater was bred by Fuego Family Farms. It brings together a Candyland and Gorilla Glue cross with another secret ingredient. As you can see from the photo, the final product is an absolute stunner. But it’s not just easy on the eyes. It smells like someone poured a few drops of Pine-Sol in the leftover milk from Fruit Loops. (Photo: Jimi Devine)


Pear Cobbler

One of the most influential gardens in the world in recent years, we asked the L.A.-born Seed Junky crew what they are most excited about at the moment. While the details were slim, the answer was fast! Peach Cobbler is absolutely the next one to keep an eye on from Seed Junky. After all the excitement we’ve seen over the years from strains like Wedding Cake and Animal Mints, we’ll certainly take their word for it.

Alien Labs – Atomic Apple

The favorite extraterrestrials of fine cannabis aficionados across the Golden State are getting in on how much people love apple weed strains. We are not mad about it. While we always are quick to give Lumpy credit for kicking off the apple weed fest of the mid-to-late 2010s, it’s exciting to see a fun new twist. And as they have in the past, Alien Labs put the effort in to create something elite with the genetics they are working with. They also had to change the name of it at one point because it was just too much energy for some state regulators in places with less hyped weed. (Photo: Alien Labs/@Chewberto420)



Medellin pairs the L.A. classic Wedding Cake with one of the East Coast’s finest strains ever in Chemdog. Medellin is starting to make some waves for the exciting new take it’s put on the Wedding Cake, while at the same time reminding us why there was so much hype around Chemdog after the original seeds were pulled from a bag picked up on Shakedown Street at a Grateful Dead concert. The Medellin is one of the flagship strains of the Lemonnade line and matching retail locations, so access to Medellin should continue to expand as those guys continue to open shops around the country. (Photo: Lemonnade)


Gary Payton

It’s pretty wild we got this far into 2020 without mentioning the Gary Payton on any of our lists, but there was just so much to talk about with Cookies in general and I didn’t want to look like a homer. But regardless, the Y x Snowman combination named for the NBA Hall-of-Famer crushed 2020. It even took home honors as the top strain in Colorado. But people forget with all the hype that the Cookies Fam started out helping patients. Powers discussed their new collab with Om Edibles with us earlier this week.  (Photo: Kenny Powers)



Since we last chatted with Fig Farms when they appeared on our inaugural edition of the L.A. Weekly Cannabis Chats alongside Josh D, they have been up to their usual antics in Oakland growing some of the best cannabis in the world and sending it South to be enjoyed. While we have highlighted their work with other people’s strains in the past, they produced Figment themselves by blending the famed Purple Fig line with the Animal Mints Bx1 they’ve been crushing it with. The resulting cannabis is the kind of weed you want to give somebody who talks too much. (Photo: Fig Farms/Kandid Kush)


Everything Bagels

A blend of Thug Pug Genetics’ Garlic Breath and Peanut Butter Breath, @Best_Test_in_the_West bred this absolute heater from his own selections of the two wildly popular strains. In addition to the garlic-laced skunkyness that assaults your nostrils when you open the jar, another fun tidbit about Everything Bagels is it comes from a very small propagation. The version of Everything Bagels done by Str8organics is simply fantastic. In a flood of weed that smells of gas or some kind of dessert, knowing that you have something different in your hands as soon as you open the jar is refreshing. (Photo: Str8Organics/@erik.nugsots)


Highway Miles #97

Highway Miles #97 is an absolute heater that came out of a collaboration between Vesuvio Gardens and Wyeast Farms. The strain brings together the monstrous hype of Jet Fuel Gelato with I-95. Wyeast is a popular breeder and Vesuvio ended up scooping the entire drop of seeds for the new strain. They were all popped in Mendocino with Wyeast coming down to help with the selection process. They ended up with many contenders from the bunch, but Highway Miles #97 was king. (Photo: Vesuvio Gardens)

Glass House Farms Runtz

Glasshouse Runtz is like recording your mixtape in an affordable studio where they don’t let you leave an ashtray on the mixer. With a MSRP of $35, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another version of Runtz with more bang for the buck. The fact you can get a quarter of it for what an eighth of the top-shelf version costs is also a big plus. You can get Glass House Farms to your door via Farmacy and

Mrs. Zkittlez Lemon Drop

With all the elbow room on the 12 Strains of Christmas, you knew we had to get some crazy limonene terpene profile in for the folks that really enjoy that upbeat jogging kind of high. Providing the zip this year is Mrs. Zkittelz Lemon Drop. To make things even better, the solventless world champions at Kalya Extracts got their hands on some of the strain with a linage that includes Lemon G, Kuztom OG and Chem 91. (Photo: Zkittelz)


Whatever You Can Get Your Hands On!

This list is pretty exotic for the most part. Don’t feel like you’re missing out on the holiday cheer because you couldn’t get your hands on one of these fantastic selections. There is a lot of awesome cannabis in L.A. So whatever strain you find that helps you enjoy the holiday, even more, is on the list too!


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