One of California’s most awarded edible companies ever is adding a new dash of hype to the mix as Cookies and Om Edibles prepare to drop their first collaboration since the medical era.

Make no mistake about it, few companies in any part of the cannabis space have as diverse a trophy shelf as the ladies over at Om. This includes taking the podium at The Emerald Cup and winning Cannabis Cups in NorCal, SoCal, and Jamaica. Cookies of course have become one of the largest cannabis brands in the world on the back of its storied namesake genetics and the hustle of the Cookie Fam for the earliest going.

Om’s founder Maya and Kenny Powers, one of the Cookies’ original SF-based cultivation titans, jumped on a call with us to chat about getting to work together on the new project. We kicked the conversation off by asking Powers how long the collab had been in the works?

“It’s been a few years,” Powers replied, “When Cookies first came to us about doing a tincture and made a tincture for us, we had already recommended Maya should do it. But they already started the first steps.”

Not long after those initial thoughts of getting the ball rolling with Om, Cookies made progress on the idea a couple of years ago, and now the launch is finally here. “It’s been like two years, a year and a half at least, and it’s finally here. I can’t wait.  I tried a sample of it and it’s amazing, “ Powers said.

We asked the pair about the last time they teamed up prior to legalization.

“It must have been about 10 years ago. We were making liquid Cookies, liquid Sherbert. And it was all done in a glycerin base,” Maya replied, “It was just a raw cold temperature infusion and it tasted just like the strains, but it wasn’t a very good capturer or solvent for cannabinoids themselves just terpenes. So it kind of gave like this really flushed face, nonfulfilling high but definitely an interesting head change. Basically, I attribute it to fresh terpenes.”

Maya said the experience from those early glycerin-based concoctions reminded her of when you’re harvesting fresh plants and you can get almost light-headed. (sidenote: Maya grew fire weed before focusing all her time on Om post-legalization, it would hold up easily in today’s market.)

We asked why now to link back up? But Powers quickly retorted he was always down in general.

“We always talked about what forms of business we could do together,” Powers said, “Because Maya is an incredible person first and foremost. I’ve always linked with her more on the spiritual side than any kind of work at first. She is amazing, she’s incredible at what she does.”

A lot of Cookies fanbase is generally different from the wellness crowd Om has long conquered with award-winning elixirs, edibles, or bath salts. We asked Maya what it was like to be able to deliver Om’s wellness embedded message she’s crafted for so long with high-end product to a different group of people that may or may not have been tuned into it before?

“I’m super excited because it was always inspiring for me, because what Cookies does best, their genetics,” she replied, “They’re famous for their strains. So we always talked about how amazing it would be to bring people cookie strains in as many forms as possible, and tinctures are a great way to medicate, you know?  They go under the tongue. They’re sublingual. They’re fast-acting. they’re easy to titrate. They’re discreet. They’re economical and you can get really creative with them, especially when they taste good.

The new Cookies x Om Liquid Flower collab just dropped with six of Cookies popular flavors. The lineup features the Collins Ave. Pink Rozay collaboration with Rick Ross, the famous Cereal Milk bred by Powers, Berry Pie, Grenadine, and finally, Lychee and Limoncello from the Lemonnade line. Each one is made with small buds from strain-specific flowers, “so they’re full-spectrum, and also some concentrate and natural flavorings, and Stevia, which is a plant sweetener. So there’s no sugar. They’re Gluten-free,” Maya noted.

Tinctures are able to be stronger than edibles because they’re considered a concentrate. This was a major win for cannabis patients who have been decimated by how expensive it is to buy  1000 milligrams worth of edibles compared to the well-done $40 price point of the medical days. Despite how much we talk about legalization, don’t forget a ton of patients still rely on tinctures like the one Cookies and Om are producing for their general quality of life on a day-to-day basis. It just usually doesn’t have this much hype attached. Regardless, Om and companies like it provide a critical link in the medical supply chain.

After speaking to the flavor profiles, Maya said a big standard for the development process was making sure someone who was stuck in traffic with no water would be willing to use them. “Would I be able to take this and sit with the flavor in my mouth, you know?”

In the end, this is two separate cannabis enthusiasm bullet trains crashing into each other. We asked Maya and Powers about their own expectations about the collab that will likely become one of the most coveted high dose consumables on the market by the new year.

“It’s going to cover every base because the taste on it is amazing, everyone is going to be wowed,” Powers replied, “What I bring to the table and what Maya brings to the table sort of just adds two people bringing together what they already bring to the game directly with products that people love. It’s not like we just throw something out to try and make money. It’s love first before it’s any kind of money, always.”

Keep an eye out for Cookies Liquid Flower in Cookies and Lemonnade stores this Holiday Season.

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