The average American spends a third of their life working. That’s approximately 90,000 hours spent at work in your lifetime, according to a study by Gettysburg College. The time spent working is just one reason why career choices are so important. After all, who wants to hate their job? Other reasons to choose your career wisely are income potential and, increasingly so, company culture and personal fulfillment.

A list of the happiest jobs in the US was released by Indeed — and here are 10 of them.

The Top 10 Happiest Jobs in the US

Happiness levels in jobs were measured based on salary, work environment, a great relationship with their colleagues, how their skills are utilized, personality fit, and a sense of fulfillment in work.

1. Early Childhood Educator

Early Childhood Educators topped the list — and it’s not difficult to see why. There may be the obvious duties where one creates lesson plans and teaches children, but interacting and being surrounded by innocent kids and being one of the first people to teach them important things in life gives these teachers a sense of purpose. Although the profession doesn’t pay well, it is considered highly fulfilling by many.

2. Audio Technician

Being an Audio Technician, or Sound Engineering Technician, is another job that many find to be satisfactory. Their primary duties may involve the technical aspect where one makes sure that audio gets recorded, mixed, and played properly, but where one lands a job as an Audio Tech makes it one of the happiest jobs in the US — you can be doing these duties in an amusement park, a cruise ship, a recording studio, and many other places where audio is needed — which is practically almost everywhere!

3. Event Planner

Event Planners also get to enjoy the diverse industry they’re in — and they get to witness important milestones in people’s lives. An Event Planner can organize personal events like weddings, festivals, funerals, retreats, and birthday parties; but they are also needed in corporate events like meetings and conferences.

4. Plumber

Pretty much everyone knows what a Plumber does, but not many know how fulfilling it is to be one! They may be known to install and repair pipes — but being the professional who’s responsible for maintaining an integral part of a structure, and being a person that’s called during emergency plumbing situations makes a lot of Plumbers feel worthy of being one.

5. General Manager

General Managers are vital to a workforce — and most of them are happy to know that they are indeed valuable to a team of employees. They oversee and strategize a business to grow and become (or remain) successful. General Managers also lead and motivate their team for them to remain productive. Thus, this is why many of them say that they’re happy with their job.

6. Carpenter

Carpentry can be a physically demanding job. Not everyone can do it. And that’s one of the reasons why a lot of Carpenters are happy with their job — because they get to do something that’s needed in the country, where infrastructures are continually built. What makes a Carpenter’s job even more rewarding is they get to see their finished product being utilized.

7. Esthetician

It’s not uncommon for Estheticians to get to know their clients on a personal level. Most of the time, that’s just how the flow of the conversation goes when seeking their services. That’s why being an Esthetician is one of the happiest professions in the country. They do more than just “beautify” a client — they also learn and understand why they’re needed and they’re supportive of their clients.

8. Interior Designer

Interior Design requires creativity and an in-depth understanding of how a client wants their indoor space to be — whether it’s at home or a business establishment. Interior Designers, too, find a sense of fulfillment in their job once they see their client’s reaction to the newly designed space that was entrusted to them.

9. Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultants thrive in an environment where the growth of the business is left for them to plan on — especially in the digital sphere. Many of them use their strategic skills to navigate the internet, apply their SEO knowledge, and exercise their marketing expertise to further scale a business. What typically makes their job worthwhile is the team of people who rely on them and the satisfaction that they get when they witness their marketing plans come to fruition.

10. Executive Chef

In the culinary world, the most sought-after title is “Executive Chef” — and for good reason! Not only is the work culture “satiating,” but there’s also a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that one’s efforts materialize — in the form of compliments from delighted customers. There’s also the gratifying part whenever their team of fellow chefs follows their plans and they’re happy with how the kitchen flows.

In short…

Everyone can find their job fulfilling once they understand their value and purpose to the company. There may be workers in certain industries who will say that they have the happiest jobs, but one thing we can get out of the people who chose these listed career paths is they appreciate their own efforts and they understand what they’re able to do for other businesses and people. Interestingly, some of the listed professions probably won’t make you a millionaire, but the survey goes to show that more matters in life than money alone. 

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