Not everyone will be so lucky to work in an industry they enjoy. According to a poll by Gallup, 60% of workers say that they’re not satisfied with their jobs. Additionally, CareerBliss also released a report and published a list of the unhappiest jobs and professions people work in.

Here are 10 of them:

What Are the Unhappiest Jobs in the US?

CareerBliss measured employees’ level of job satisfaction. They based it on what they call a “bliss score” where people would state their level of happiness based on work-life balance, compensation, daily tasks, the company culture, work environment, relationship with their boss and coworkers, job resources, and growth opportunities.

According to CareerBliss, these are the ones who were unhappiest with their jobs:

1. Analyst

Bliss Score: 2.914

Those who work as Analysts say that they’re least satisfied with their company culture and their job resources. On average, an Analyst makes $55,000 a year.

2. Dispatcher

Bliss Score: 2.938

Dispatchers, too, are not satisfied with their company culture and the compensation that they get. They believe that a salary of $33,000 a year isn’t enough.

3. Program Coordinator

Bliss Score: 2.950

Program coordinators, on the other hand, are more unhappy with their relationship with their bosses. But just like the others, they also dislike their company culture. The average salary of a Program Coordinator is $40,000.

4. Pharmacy Technician

Bliss Score: 2.594

Pharmacy Technicians lament that they’re not given many growth opportunities. In fact, in the survey, Pharmacy Technicians gave the “growth opportunities” category the lowest score among everyone else. Furthermore, they typically make $32,000 a year.

5. Teacher

Bliss Score: 2.963

Teachers may not be the #1 unhappiest job. However, they’re not only dissatisfied with their company culture, but they also don’t think they’re compensated enough. Plus, their relationship with their bosses isn’t that great as they also gave that category a very low score; Teachers, on average, make $42,000 annually.

6. Senior Buyer

Bliss Score: 3.093

Senior Buyers are frustrated with their compensation packages. And they also don’t have many positive things to say when it comes to their relationship with their bosses. A Senior Buyer gets an average salary of $62,000 yearly.

7. Clerk

Bliss Score: 3.048

The thing that’s somewhat “good” about being a Clerk — according to those who were surveyed — is that, among the other jobs listed here, they have a nice relationship with their colleagues. However, their company culture is something they also complain about. A Clerk would typically make $33,000 a year.

8. Assistant Professor

Bliss Score: 3.053

Just like almost everyone on the unhappiest jobs list, Assistant Professors also dislike their company culture. Moreover, to them, their work setting isn’t the best. Assistant Professors have an average income of $61,000 a year.

9. Operator

Bliss Score: 3.074

Operators dislike their compensation packages. Their company culture is also another thing that they’re not on board with. The average salary of an Operator is $44,000.

10. Engineer

Bliss Score: 3.099

Compared to everyone else listed, Engineers have the highest average yearly salary of $70,000. However, the work resources that they’re given aren’t enough for them. And they also dislike their company culture.

What Do I Do if I’m Unhappy With My Job?

Being unhappy with your job doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the wrong line of work. And working as one of the 10 unhappiest jobs that are listed doesn’t exactly mean you need to switch to another field. As to what many ranked in the categories given to them, their company culture was the most common complaint. Therefore, there’s a chance that you might just be working in an enterprise that isn’t the one for you. Therefore, you should think about it thoroughly if you’re displeased with the company — or if it’s your profession that you indisputably dislike.

One of the other lowest rankings in the provided categories was their compensation packages and their relationship with their bosses. If you’re also dissatisfied because of those, you can ask your boss for a promotion or a raise. However, if your relationship with your employer isn’t the best, know that they’re also individuals, first and foremost. Thus, they also have unique traits. But it doesn’t reflect the corporation and overall industry.

If your boss’ ideologies and ways of managing the team hinder you from having a favorable relationship with them, you can consider applying for a different company where an employer has the leadership skills that motivate you and the workforce is easier to interact with.

An 85-year-old Harvard study also claims that those who work in industries where they’re solitary tend to be the unhappiest — as loneliness gets the better of them. And those who had a best friend at work or had more human interaction than others tend to be happier and more productive. If you think you’re discontented because of your lack of engagement at work, you can also try befriending your colleagues to feel less isolated.


Not all jobs are equal. But some of the unhappiest jobs have common reasons for being unhappy. Such as their company culture, their less-than-ideal compensation packages, and their relationship with their employers. However, working in these professions shouldn’t mean that you’re in the wrong industry, it might just mean that you’re working for the wrong company. If you feel as though your health, both mental and physical, is compromised, you can opt to take a break from work or you can consider looking for a different corporation to work for.


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